Tamil Heritage Month, started in 2010, aims to celebrate the history of Canada’s Tamil community and its contribution to the social, cultural, political and economic strength of Canada. While recognizing our accomplishments and tracing our roots, Tamil Heritage Month will provide opportunities to celebrate Tamils’ history in Canada as well.In addition, this month will actively celebrate Tamil heritage and rejuvenate Tamil culture in Canada.

Tamil Heritage Month 2022’S Official Theme

Tamil Women Excellence: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Tamil Heritage Month 2022 revolves around the theme of Tamil Women Excellence, with the aim to showcase the strength and resilience of Tamil Women who continue to contribute to our history and society. This poster is a collection of few works by three Tamil women and a depiction of the legacy of Tamil Women throughout history. It celebrates and acknowledges change makers and the long lasting impact of Tamil Women Excellence throughout the years.

Tamil Women in our society continue to persevere and work tirelessly to break barriers, while building new identities for themselves and every Tamil Women around the world. The work done by Tamil Heritage Month Council and Tamil Civic Action throughout the month of January will focus on sharing their stories and motivating our future generations of Tamil Women to continue on the path of excellence.

Throughout the month of January we will be having various workshops, panel discussions, events, educational development projects, and more. All focusing on the different ways Tamil Women have made a difference and continue to change the world.

The artwork showcased in this poster are the creations of three Tamil Women artists: Keera Ratnam (@wavesofcolour), Sindhu Sivayogam (@murukku), and Pirunthajini Pirabakaran (@artbypiruntha).


Deadline is January 23, 2022
An opportunity to engage our youth to create posters and artwork based on the theme of Tamil Heritage Month. Posters should depict any examples of strength and resistance of Tamil women and showcase their contributions throughout our past, present and future. It is open to all Canadian students above the age of 10, and will be judged on quality, originality and creativity. Poster may be used as promotional material or part of a virtual exhibition.
Submit your poster as a jpg or png to info@tamilcivicaction.com

Deadline is January 23, 2022
An opportunity to engage our youth to write and share stories based on the theme of Tamil Heritage Month. Essays should reflect upon Tamil women who have and continue to contribute to social change and make a difference in our world. It is open to all Canadian students from grade 9 -12, and should be minimum 300 words and maximum 1000 words. Deadline is January 23, 2022.

Submit your poster as a pdf to info@tamilcivicaction.com

Thursday, January 20th, 2022
30 Under 30 is an annual recognition that focuses on acknowledging and promoting young talents and leaders within our Tamil community. 30 community leaders under the age of 30 are selected to be spotlighted for their contributions and hard work throughout a vast array of fields. This year we will be focusing on spotlighting 30 Women Leaders within our community. This event is organized in collaboration with Tamil Canadian Centre for Civic Action (TCCCA), Tamils in Public Service (TiPS), and Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR).  

Register Here: https://tamilcivicaction30under30.eventbrite.ca

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Thursday, January 20th, 2022
The Tamil Youth Fellowship is a youth leadership development program seeking to build the next generation of Tamil public servants through a 12-week paid internship at the City of Toronto with mentorship, training, and individual community project opportunities. After a successful first cohort, we will be announcing the next cohort for 2022. This event is organized in collaboration with Tamil Canadian Centre for Civic Action (TCCCA), Tamils in Public Service (TiPS), and Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR).

Register Here: https://tamilcivicaction30under30.eventbrite.ca

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A series of panel discussions that will focus on different topics surround the past and ongoing impact of Tamil Women within our society and around the world.
● Discussion with Tamilnadu Multicultural Association of Canada
● Discussion with Tamil Institute for Leadership Excellence
● Tamil Women Legacy Discussion


A leadership learning series for Tamil high school youth to learn about Tamil Heritage month and different Tamil women trailblazers. Volunteer hours will be provided to those youth that attend. Speakers will be providing an informational and interactive seminar to registered attendees. It is an invaluable opportunity to learn more about Tamil women’s historical contributions to advancing the Tamil diaspora and to celebrate our Tamil heritage identity. Conducted by OurTYM’s Leadership Series for high-school youth.

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022: Tamil Women in Politics
Wednesday, January 12th, 2022: Tamil Women in Sports & Recreation
Wednesday, January 19th, 2022: Tamil Women in STEM
Wednesday, January 26th, 2022: Tamil Women in Rights & Resistance

Register here: https://thmourtym.eventbrite.ca

An opportunity for the community to come together to celebrate the arts of Tamil seniors within our community through a virtual talent show.
● Saturday, January 8th, 2022: York Region
● Saturday, January 15th, 2022: City of Toronto
● Saturday, January 22th, 2022: Durham Region & Eastern Ontario
 Saturday, January 29th, 2022: Peel Region

An educational social media campaign that is dedicated to spotlighting various historical figures and moments of Tamil Women history. This campaign will aim to discuss women of various generations and fields, and showcase their contributions to Tamil identity and culture.

Follow here: www.instagram.com/tamilcivicaction

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A social media campaign will show the breadth of women’s contribution in the pandemic: in the health sector, in the economic sector, in their communities and in the home. The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected women, exasperating long – existing structural, social, and gender inequalities. It has been especially challenging for certain groups of women, including racialized women, Indigenous women, low-income women, single mothers, immigrant women and women with disabilities. Collectively, we have been made aware of the gendered impacts of the pandemic. Despite these challenges, women continue to display incredible resilience and actively contribute to the fight against COVID-19. To showcase the strength of women and display Herstories, this campaign will be spotlighting Tamil-Canadian women who continue to play a critical role during the Pandemic.

Follow here: www.instagram.com/tamilcivicaction

Saturday, January 29th, 2022
An online conference from 10am to 6pm over Zoom, dedicated to empowering the Tamil community with information about navigating the education system and being able to support their child(ren) in their education. The expo will include topics for Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior grades like Special Education, Tamil Studies, Online Safety with Pathways and Mental Health & Well Being as two-part sessions, one for parents/guardians and one for the youth. With over 30 speakers including teachers and principals from different school boards and Tamil community organizations who deal with youth, students and parents.

Register Here: www.tamileducationexpo.eventbrite.com

Deadline: January 30, 2022
Event: Coming soon
A virtual showcase of the various posters, art work, and submission pieces from artists within our community. Open to all artists and creatives who would like to submit work of all art forms that reflect the theme of Tamil Women Excellence.

Submit your work to info@tamilcivicaction.com 

A two day conference that will bring together community leaders and organizations of various paths and expertise, to speak about the development of Tamil Canadian success. The summit will focus on next steps and call to actions on how the community can create positive change and growth.
Day 1: Resilience and Recovery: Post Pandemic Tamil Canada – Path to Full Recovery: Rebuilding our Economic, Social and Cultural Strengths
    1. Supporting Social Recovery
    2. Supporting Economic Recovery
    3. Supporting Cultural Recovery
Day 2: Eelam and Canada: Our Roots, Our Rebuilding and Our Resistance
    1. Tamil Genocide Education and Advocacy
    2. Eelam Canada Relations: Rebuilding
    3. Documenting Tamil Canadian Histories 

Register here: https://tamilcivicactionsummit2022.eventbrite.ca

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