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Tamil Heritage Month 2021 Theme revolves around Remembrance, Resilience and Resistance: Reflecting the almost 75 years Eelam Tamils’ Histories and Heritage, after the colonial rule of the European Countries.

This poster is a combination of three images. The bottom picture is of the 2009 candlelight vigil (captured by Gana Arumugam of Ninaivukal) at Queen’s Park, Toronto, Canada. The middle image is the resting place of those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom (created by Nishan Sanjee), and the final image on the top (created by Sujee Yoga) is of Eelam, Tamils’ traditional homeland. While these images have many embodiments of meaning, all three images together are forms of our remembrance, resilience and resistance.

The Tamils in Eelam and Canada have overcome many adversities. We have resisted and continue to resist various forms of oppression and genocide. Despite many challenges, through our resilience, we continue to grow and succeed. Most importantly, we continue to remember, as remembrance is a core part of our existence and our resistance

Proffessional Devolopment

●   Youth Leadership Series

Tamil women leadership series

This series will focus on highlighting the excellence of Tamil womxn leaders and visionaries in various different fields! Students will have an opportunity to engage and learn from incredible womxn leaders in Law, Health, Technology and Business.

Join us every Friday from 5-6pm: January 8th, January 15th, January 22nd, January 29

tamil student leadership series

This series is focused on acknowledging the richness of the Tamil identity, sign up for this series to learn more about Tamil excellence in Literature, STEM, Medicine, Arts and Sports! Learn from innovative and incredible Tamils who are spearheading and challenging the norm.

Join us every Tuesday from 5-6pm: January 5th, January 12th, January 19th, January 26th

Special Events

An introduction to our histories.
○ Politically Speaking: Eelam Tamils’ Political Thoughts
■ January 6th, 2021
○ Nation Building: Eelam’s Untold Stories
■ January 13th, 2021
○ Our Roots: Understanding Eelam Tamil Identity
■ January 20th, 2021
○ Tamil Genocide: Education and Advocacy
■ January 27th, 2021


● Talent Show – Showcasing Seniors talent from various regions
● Tamil Seniors Get Together – Every Tuesday from 11:00am-12:30pm
● Gems From Our Lives – A daily spotlight of stories and narratives from our Tamil Seniors

Email to seniors@tamilcivicaction.com to participate

Providing our youth the access to tools, mentorship and opportunities to create a positive impact in the public service
● Training
● Mentorship
● Placements
● Projects
Event: January 19th, 2021

A recognition to acknowledge and promote talents and leaders within our young
Event: January 19th, 2021

“How do we create a sense of belonging for Tamil Students in education?”
● Curriculum: How can educators develop inclusive curriculum that makes space for Tamil voices, experiences and knowledge?
● Student Leadership: Examining opportunities and barriers for Tamil youth in schools.
● Parent/Guardian Engagement: What are the barriers to authentic partnerships?

 Event : Saturdays from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Archaeological Evidences Related To Tamil Civilization –
● January 9th, 2021 Tamil Food Heritage
● January 16th, 2021 Post Colonial History of TamilNadu Politics
● January 23rd, 2021 In partnership with Tamilnadu Multicultural Association of Canada
● Conducted in Tamil
This event is in partnership with Tamilnadu Multicultural Association of Canada.Generation.
Event: January 19th, 2021

● Tamil Civic Action Summit

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● Curriculam Devolopment

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● Archieve and Museum

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